Bainbridge Island Residents Worried After King County Sewage Releases

King County Wastewater Treatment Plant

In the wake of the King County Wastewater Treatment plant operating at less than full capacity after heavy rainfall resulted in flooding and insurmountable damage to the plant, Bainbridge Island residents are concerned about the water quality and safety on their beaches. 

The plant has been continually releasing excess sewage from the plant since early February, with no time frame available of when they will be able to fix all of their equipment. The wastewater treatment plant is located 4 miles from Bainbridge Island, which is raising concerns for Bainbridge residents.

According to the Kitsap Public Health District administrator Keith Grellner, and King 5 News, there hasn't been any water sampling on the island since about a month ago. They just don't have the money for an ongoing monitoring program, according to Grellner.

This is beginning to worry residents like Maria Mason, who lives in Bainbridge Island, on the water. In an interview with King 5 News, Mason asked, "My concern is, what are we doing to our water, which is our most precious asset?" 

The issue is that not only King County, nor Kitsap County, are monitoring the water quality off the intermediate shores of either counties. In addition, residents say there are currently no posted advisories, or any beach closures in Bainbridge, and this is disconcerting to many residents. In an effort for not only more water quality testing, but also governmental transparency, residents are pushing for testing results to be posted on the county website. However, at the time of this publishing, residents are seeing neither.

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